These are frequently asked questions to help clarify practice policies. Feel free to call with additional questions.

What are the session fees?

Individual Intake session 60 minutes $110

Individual Follow-up session 50-55 minutes $100

Individual Follow-up session 90 minutes $140

Couples Intake session 60-90 minutes $145

Couples Follow-up session 60 minutes $120

Couples Follow-up session 90 minutes $145

Couples Breakout session 30 minutes $50

*Fees listed are for both in-person and telehealth sessions

Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept insurance at this time. There is a stigma related to having a "diagnosis" and I believe that people should be able to get the help they need without fear of reproach or reprisal for choosing to make their mental health a priority.

Many people seek therapy because of general life stressors or circumstances that would not otherwise be classified as a "mental illness/diagnosis".  Insurance companies work under a medical model that require medical necessity which would not include life transitions, personal development, and relationship issues.

Alternatively, you may still be able to receive money back from your insurance company through Out-of-Network benefits.  For this reason I am able to provide you with a detailed receipt of services called a superbill that you may be able to submit for reimbursement.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Payment is required at time of service. I accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, HSA (Health Savings Account), FSA (Flex Spending Account)

What are your office hours?

In-person sessions offered to those who are fully vaccinated Tuesday's and Thursday's 10am-5pm. Telehealth availability Monday-Friday 10am-6pm. Evening appointments by request.

Do you prescribe medication?

My services include the diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional disorders.  I do not prescribe medications. Supervision provided by Danielle Neer E.1000597-SUPV

What is your cancellation policy?

My cancellation policy is that you can cancel or reschedule an appointment anytime as long as you provide a 24 hour notice. If you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice you will be charged $50.  If you fail to show up, you will be charged the full appointment fee.

How do I schedule an appointment?

New clients can create a profile and see open availability HERE. Potential clients who have additional questions can call (614) 482-4800 for a free 15 minute phone consultation.

Do I have to be good at art to engage in art therapy?

Art therapy is a creative PROCESS used to dig deeper into emotions.  It is often used to depict feelings or past experiences when words cannot be found. No skill is necessary to engage in art therapy.  Being open and vulnerable to the process of making art is the only requirement.

Do you provide online therapy?

Yes, I provide online therapy which is also referred to as telehealth.  This is a virtual therapy session done via a secure video conferencing link.  These sessions can only be scheduled after an initial in-person intake is completed.  This type of therapy is useful when you have a small infant at home,  are traveling, have limited mobility or need an appointment outside of normal office hours.


Can I bring my baby to our sessions?

Yes, infants and babies in laps are welcome to join you in our sessions.  My office however is not baby proofed and the productivity of our sessions depends on your ability to focus and relax.  You know your child best and can decide if the timing is appropriate to bring them with you.